Venaka Media


Venaka Media Limited (VML) is a high-tech SME specialized in the provision of software and services in multimedia signal processing and communication systems. By exploiting cutting edge software&hardware technologies and open middleware platforms VML engineers are able to provide optimized solution that fulfills project and customer requirements. VML technology is a result of extensive R&D activities performed in close cooperation with some of the best European academic research teams. Core competencies of VML include cloud computing, media analytics for security applications, surveillance centric coding, web applications andrelated end-to-end multimedia communications.


Clound Computing

Addressing issue related to interactive real-time media streaming applications in the cloud.


Video Compression

VML provides video coder solutions according to customer specifications.


Media Analytics for Security Applications

VML has significant high-tech expertise in the fields of security and surveillance video.


Web Applications

VML competence in the field is dealing with the development of multimedia and web applications tailored to the specific needs of its customers.